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School Council

Our School Council is made up from elected children from each class.  The class representatives bring ideas and issues from their classes and share them at School Council.  They then decide on a specific idea to focus on each term and feedback information about their work to their classes and sometimes to the whole school in assemblies.

They meet with Mrs Richmond once a week and it is the opportunity for the children in our school to share their 'voice'.  Their work is focussed on making school even better and local community issues - they really do influence school decisions.


Instead of our usual School Council meeting this week we spent Thursday afternoon walking to and from ASDA and buying all the provisions we needed for the PJ Party. The children were tasked with wisely spending their £30 budget on apples (for apple bobbing!), prizes for the PJ competition, treats and drinks. After much deliberation and some fast learning about the cost of what they wanted they managed to get everything they needed within budget – more life skills in action!


At our School Council meeting this week we wrote information about our Pyjama Party to be shared with each class. Next week we will be shopping for the party instead of holding our usual meeting. Who knew a trip to ASDA could cause so much excitement!


This week at our School Council meeting the children wrote a shopping list for our planned Pyjama Party. We are planning to walk the children to ASDA the day before the party to do their own shopping. The excitement is already palpable!


School Council – At our meeting this week the children made some decisions about the Pyjama Party they are planning. So far it will be one Friday afternoon from 2:00-3:00PM, we will all wear pyjamas and can bring our teddies, there will be apple bobbing, games in classrooms, a disco in the hall and probably much, much more before they are done! We will let you know the date when it has been decoded.


As planned at our meeting this week the representatives voted to decide which project to plan for next term. The results were close but ultimately the pyjama party won! We will be planning the event for some time next term so watch this space!


At our meeting this week we have discussed all the ideas from classes and the representatives from each class chose their favourite project. These choices will now go to classes for them to vote. Next week at our School Council meeting we will count the votes and the project will be chosen. So will it be Y2 strawberry picking and selling them to raise money or a pet day or giving our lunchtime staff Friday treats or a picnic with pre-school or cleaning the school pond or a pyjama party – who knows!

Watch this space next week for the result.


This week we held our first ‘real’ School Council meeting and the children shared the ideas of their classmates about what project the School Council might work on during the summer terms. We didn’t get round to making any decisions as there were so many ideas to share but we will get on with the voting and decision making next week.



We now have our School Council Representatives for the summer terms and here they are: Violet Class – Martyn and Sophie, Indigo Class – Lulu and Sonny, Blue Class – Callum and Poppy, Green Class – Oliver and Molly, Yellow Class – Rowan and Isabella, Orange Class – Titus and Jessica.

Here they are:


School Council - At our meeting on Thursday we made the final preparations for the Big Read which we held this afternoon and it was just BRILLIANT! The whole school was a reading frenzy – everywhere you looked there were children and adults engrossed in listening to and reading stories. Our School Council did a wonderful job of reading to groups of up to 30 children – no mean feat in itself! A job very well done School Council, thank you.


We have now finalised the plans for our Big Read next Friday afternoon. We have shared the plans with teachers and Charlie wrote a fantastic speech and shared it with the children in assembly this morning – brilliant! We are looking forward to what should be a lovely afternoon sharing our favourite books.


This week at our School Council meeting we have been putting together the final details of the planned Big Read and writing all the information for teachers to share with their classes.


At our meeting this week we thought of ideas to make our first whole school Big Read extra special. We discussed the School Council reading stories to classes, mixing the children from different year groups together to read, reading buddies, where we might be able to do this – anywhere at all in school was the answer! So we are well on our way to pulling a good plan together. The Big Read will take place sometime in term 4 – we’ll let you know when.


We have finally made it to a decision! School Council have chosen to organise a whole school Big Read as their project to work on over the coming weeks. We will keep you up to date about it goes.


At our School Council meeting this week we have been sharing ideas from class council meetings to make school better. There were so many great ideas to discuss we ran out of time after only discussing 2 classes so we plan to carry on next week and try and decide what to work on first.


Our new School Council representatives for the spring terms have been elected and they are: Jessie and Alex in Blue Class, Jessica C and Nic in Green Class, Tillie-Mai and Freddie in Indigo Class and Charlie D and Chantelle in Violet Class. Here they are…



Picture 1


This week we held our final School Council meeting of the term and this was the last meeting for our current class representatives. Mrs Aitken joined us for our meeting as we were planning to finish the Macmillan Recipe Books. However, it turned out to be quite a sad final meeting – please see the letter from the School Council below.



Dear Parents


We do not have many recipes for our Benhall Recipe Books and it made us a little bit sad and disappointed. We have spent a long time doing the front covers but we were hoping to have lots more recipes to make it a really big book.




Please send us your recipes and make sure they are A4 size clear for everyone to read. Some pictures would be lovely too!


Thank you for your help.


Love from School Council


xxxxxxxx (one from each of us)


This week our whole meeting time was taken up finishing off the Benhall Recipe Book covers and laminating them. We can’t wait to see the finished books so please remember to send in your Macmillan bake recipes soon.


Today at our School Council meeting the children began to design their covers for the Benhall Bake Recipe Books that we will be compiling after our Macmillan Coffee Morning on the 17th November. Over the next few weeks we will complete these and bind the recipe books together ready for sale.


At our meeting this week we met with Mrs Aitken and she shared with us her thoughts on how the School Council might help organise the Macmillan Coffee Morning. They decided that they would help to set up and serve the coffee and cakes, make front covers for the recipe books and sell them after school.


At our School Council meeting this week we voted on the ideas brought from class councils and decided that we would like to have help to plan the Macmillan Coffee Morning as our project and help to raise money for this charity. We will let you know how we get on.


Today we held our first School Council meeting of the year with are newly elected representatives and here they are.


Picture 1


In our meeting this week the children composed a letter to the teachers to let them know about the exciting new ideas for Fun Day and to ask for their help to get everything ready.



We had a very special visitor to our meeting this week. Mrs Martin is one of our Governors and she came along to meet the School Council and ask them some important questions about being a pupil at Benhall. We will share the outcomes with you next week.


At our School Council meeting this week the children have been firming up their ideas for making this year’s Fun Day the most exciting ever! They have decided to have bouncy castles, art stations, non-uniform, water pistols, scooters and bikes, sand trays, water trays, space hoppers, face painting and a whole school giant picnic on the field at lunchtime! What a brilliant day it will be!


This week our School Council finalised their spending for playtime development and Fun Day. They decided to buy space hoppers for Fun Day, new sack race sacks for Sports Day and hoops, ankle skips, Frisbees, katcha kups and much, much more for our playtimes. Those School Council representatives really know how to shop!!


At our School Council meeting this week our class representatives made some very important decisions about buying new playtime equipment and about how they plan to improve Fun Day. They have practised their voting skills and how to deal with disappointment too – both very important life skills! Well done School Council.


School Council – We have elected our new representatives for the remainder of the year and they are: Orange Class Molly and Leo, Yellow Class Noah and Isabel, Green Class Sophie W and William, Blue Class Euan and Florence W, Indigo Class Annie and Basti, Violet Class Jack and Rebecca.


At our final School Council meeting this week we discussed the work the representatives have successfully completed this term and gave ourselves a big pat on the back for jobs well done! We will be holding elections for our new School Council representatives for the summer terms after the Easter break and reception children will be joining us for the summer terms too.


Today at our meeting we looked at the photos from our Red Nose Day cake sale.  Here they are.......


In our School Council meeting this week we decided to spend the last 3 weeks of the term working to support the Red Nose Day activities up to and on Friday 24th March. The children will take responsibility for recording the events on camera for each of their classes and for sharing them on the school website. Look out for more of this on the website soon.


At our meeting today we finished our litter posters, laminated them and put them up around school. We really hope these help to make people think about putting their litter in the bins and not on the floor.

Here are our posters:



We spent our School Council meeting time this week making posters to encourage children to put their litter in the bins and not on the floor. Look out next week for the finished posters around school.


This week at our School Council meeting the children discussed their ideas for reducing the amount of litter around school. They decided that they would like to make some signs to go around school to remind people to use the bins. They also decided to be litter detectives and look for clues as to who might be dropping the litter in the rubbish they collect on their litter pick this week. We’ll let you know what they find out.


Our School Council met yesterday and shared ideas about what they might do to tackle the problem of litter in the school grounds. After a lengthy debate they have decided to firstly take on the role of litter pickers and spend their Friday morning break times with Mr Taylor picking up the litter from the grounds. At our meeting next week they will consider ideas to help prevent people dropping litter in the future. Here they are on their first litter pick.


At our School Council meeting this week we shared class ideas for school improvement and there was an overwhelming desire to tackle the litter issues in the school grounds. This stemmed from a Forest School litter pick last week and the children showing the school all the litter they had found in our Friday assembly. We were all quite shocked by the amount of litter so School Council will work on improving this over the next terms.


  • School Council – Exciting news! We have elected our School Council Representatives for the spring terms and here they are……

We look forward to seeing just what they can do to help keep making Benhall an even better school.


This week the School Council decided that they would like to buy the fish tanks which come with glow in the dark pens to draw on the tanks with (of course they did!)  We have our fingers crossed that we raise enough money!  They also decided to let each class choose which fish they would like so we will see what they plump for next week.


  • School Council – the School Council had a very special meeting this week with Elise and Tiff from Pets At Home.  Elise and Tiff are aquatics experts and they shared with us everything we need to know about having pet fish in school.  They brought in pictures of different types of fish we can choose from and different tanks too.  They told us all about how many of each fish should live together, how to feed them and how to keep them clean and healthy – we learned so much!  School Council will be meeting again next week to try and make some further decisions on our pet fish.

    Here they are with Elise and Tiff.


The School Council have met again and have confirmed the date for our Sponsored Climbing Wall event as Wednesday 25th January.  Sponsor forms will be coming home after the Christmas break. 

We have also been talking about our new class pets and have decided that we should get in some expert help.  So, we have arranged for the aquatics expert from Pets At Home to join us at our meeting next week to help us choose the right fish and make sure we have everything we need to keep them healthy and happy.


At our meeting this week the School Council thought about ideas for a sponsored event to raise money for a friendship bench and pet fish in each classroom.  The ideas included running races, trampolining, zip wire and climbing wall.  After some deliberation it was decided to ask Mrs Evans to find out if there is a mobile zip wire company and if so how much it would cost.  We are keeping the ideas of a climbing wall and trampolining in reserve just in case we can’t get a zip wire – watch this space!


Finally our School Council have made their decision about how they can help to make school better. After more deliberation they have not only decided on one idea but several!

They will shortly be organising a sponsored event to raise money to buy a friendship bench for the playground and for a pet fish in each classroom.  They will also be organising visits to pre-school to tell stories.  All brilliant ideas - watch this space for developments.


At our School Council meeting this week we have had further discussions about the ideas for school improvement put forward by Class Councils.  After much debate the children were actually unable to make a decision!  They are going to ask their classes for more ideas and hopefully they can make that important decision next week – fingers crossed!


Our School Council met again this week and we shared the class council ideas for making school even better.  The ideas included more dens around school, pictures on the gates and canopies, more flowers around school and of course the obligatory swimming pool!  We'll see which idea the School council choose next week - watch this space!


Our New School Council Representatives for the autumn terms

Our New School Council Representatives for the autumn terms 1


Here are our newly elected School Council representatives for the autumn terms - don't they look like they'll do a fine job?!

We held our first meeting this week and the children learned all about the role of the School Council.  The representatives are very enthusiastic about their responsibilities and are raring to go to help make Benhall an even better school.