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Achieve, Believe, Care and Dream

Term 1

We have had a wonderful start to Year 1 and have been getting to know each other in our new class. We have spent the week playing lots of friendship games, learning new routines and exploring the areas in our room.


We have also been using our outdoor space to hunt for minibeasts and record our evidence. Some members of Blue Class have designed and constructed rockets to fly to space and even used a design sheet to show the different materials and joins that we used.


Elsie says "I have enjoyed painting. "


Harry says "We have been learning to mix colours. Yellow and Blue make Green!"


Nina says "I have liked creating my own alien and then writing about him!"


Kimberly says "I have liked going into the outdoor area."


Week 1 has just flown by!

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During week 3, we were lucky to have the space dome in school and we have found out so many space facts which helped us to make lots of progress in our learning.


The Life Education Bus also visited and we had fun with Harold the Giraffe learning all about feelings. We got to hold baby animals, talked about healthy foods and we even got a sticker at the end to show our good listening skills.


We have made fabulous friendships at the end of Term 1 and now have a real Blue Team feel.

We have enjoyed learning about the rainforests, finding out about the different layers, creating maps and helping Parry the Parrot get back to the Amazon (check out Tapestry for lots of photos and videos!). We have created our own animals and rainforest reports which are hanging up beautifully in our classrooms.


Roll on Term 2......