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Achieve, Believe, Care and Dream

Term 2

Indigo Class were so excited to kick off our new term with a trip to the wonderful Warwick Castle!
The trip provided an incredible learning experience for the children and led into lots of learning about how castles were built, investigating who might have lived in a castle, writing fairy tales and spells and finding out all about the gunpowder plot and Bonfire Night! We learnt how to tell the Sleeping Beauty story ready for our pantomime trip too and that got us very interested in the importance of sleep. We investigated the sleeping patterns of lots of different animals - did you know that dolphins and whales have the ability to sleep with only one half of their brain at a time so that they don't drown? Fascinating! Also, migrating birds can sleep whilst flying! As winter approached some of the children became quite concerned about birds and decided to design and build their own bird houses!

To end a very busy term the children worked together with the rest of KS1 to perform their brilliant Christmas production, 'Starlight'. It was absolutely fantastic and we are so, so proud of them! We hope you all enjoyed it too!


Merry Christmas everyone and happy new year! smiley