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Achieve, Believe, Care and Dream

Term 6

We cannot believe we are already in the final term of Year 1 and it has already been so busy just 3 weeks in!


We have already enjoyed our sports day and the races were lots of fun. Lots of us enjoyed the sack racing, water races, sprinting races and of course the Mum and Dad race too! It was lots of fun cheering on Miss Bilton and Miss Phipps when they raced against each other. It was glorious that the sun was shining too. 


In our learning this term we have already focussed on the story 'Alberto the Alligator' and we could not believe it when a real life alligator turned up to school. We set to work straight away making homes for the egg to be comfortable, writing cards to the Mummy alligator, creating music to keep the egg feeling safe and we even had a class effort of creating a large alligator out of lots of different materials and colour.


Of course we got very excited when the world cup started and were so pleased with the 2 England wins so we had to follow this interest straight away. We have been creating world cup posters, writing rules to teach someone how to play table football, making flags and finding facts from different countries as well as making our own football pitches and 3D players!