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Achieve, Believe, Care and Dream

Week 1

What a fantastic first week in Indigo Class! We have been so excited to explore our new classroom and we have had A LOT of catching up to do! We are really lucky to be continuing our learning journey together in Year 2 and we have some lovely new faces joining us as well! smiley


After having a good catch up we jumped straight into our new topic - Turrets and Tales! The children already have so much knowledge and experience of castles and fairy tales, so we are looking forward to building on that even more. We have been practising telling the story of Sleeping Beauty with actions and trying our best to add lots of interesting storytelling language, then we had our first go at writing in our new Year 2 books! The children tried their very best to use joined up handwriting. Great job Indigo Class!

Next week, we will be looking back at our stories and thinking about how we could edit them to make them even better. We are also going to be learning about the human brain and how persevering at tricky tasks helps it to grow and stay healthy! In maths, we will be learning about place value and explaining how we know whether a number is greater than or less than another number. We will be exploring maps and finding out where different castles are around the UK and we will even squeeze in an exciting scientific experiment!


Well done on a fab first week Indigo Class! no