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Achieve, Believe, Care and Dream

Week 2

Wow! What another busy week we have had in Green Class!


The children been getting stuck in to our 'Turrets and Tales' theme by learning about knights, armour and pretending they are Kings, Queens and all sorts!


In English this week the children have transformed themselves into princes, princesses, knights and soldiers and written all about themselves. They really enjoyed pretending to be a King or a Queen and writing their own laws - there was a lot of crown wearing and eating chocolate for breakfast involved!!


The children received a letter from the Queen at the beginning of the week telling them all about a terrible mix up in her jewellery room. They have been working hard to put all of the jewels back on her crowns and necklaces, as well as building safe places for the jewels to be kept.


In topic lessons we have been looking at, exploring and sketching chainmail armour as well as designing a snack for a knight to keep their strength up in battle!


Thank you to all of the wonderful parents that have come in to help brighten up our outdoor area - it is looking brilliant! Another thank you to everyone that has come in to listen to readers. 

If you would like to come in at any point, don't hesitate to let us know :)


Hope you have a lovely weekend!