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Achieve, Believe, Care and Dream

Week 2

Picture 1 Making patterned jewellery.
Picture 2 Making our own instruments for the banquet!
Picture 3 Wow Faith- what a great musical instrument!
Picture 4 Elixa being creative and getting musicl.
Picture 5 Sonny made his own drums!
Picture 6
Picture 7 Our Investigation station.
Picture 8 Creating symmetrical clothes for Jivro the Jester,
Picture 9 Fantastic guitar playing Joseph!
Picture 10 Well done Joseph- a fab guitar.

This week we have been preparing for our Medieval Banquet.


We couldn't believe it when Miss Bilton came to work with a newspaper that had a competition we could take part in. We had a week to collect lots of learning with a chance of winning a banquet- with free food, drink and music! We really want to win it.


During Monday, we created posters and newspaper reports in our writing area. At the Investigation Station we had to make our own instruments out of different materials. Sonny made a fantastic set of drums and Joseph made a fantastic guitar!


We also constructed large instruments outside and now have time to practise them during the week.


On Monday afternoon, we received a letter from Jivro the Jester to explain that his tshirt had been put in a cold wash by the maid! We had to work as a team to think about the different shapes we could use to make a new uniform. We made sure that we made it symmetrical!

Picture 1 Sam produced a fab sculpture.
Picture 2 Great writng Phoebe!
Picture 3 Well done Evie!
Picture 4 Jake read a Tale in so many places!
Picture 5 Wow- a true knight Frankie!
Picture 6 Amazing suit of armour Florence!
Picture 7 What a fab picture Charlotte!
Picture 8 Great work Ella!
Picture 9 I love your band Betsy!
Picture 10 A fantastic book by Bethany!
Picture 11 Joseph knows so much about the Queen.
Picture 12 Brilliant writing Faith.
Picture 13 A lovely crown made by Emma.
Picture 14 Look at Annabelle and her crown- autumunul colours
Picture 15 Wow Euan!
Picture 16 A brilliant crown Filip.
Picture 17 Well done Florence!
Picture 18 Great painting Sonny!
Picture 19 Filip knows so many facts about Prince Philip!
Picture 20 Filip told Miss Bilton that Prince Philip is 95!
Picture 21 Prince Philip was born in June.

Thank you to all of our lovely parents and friends who took time to come to our Busybee session on Tuesday.


Lots of children have produced some wonderful learning and enjoyed sharing this in Blue Class.