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Achieve, Believe, Care and Dream

Week 2

This week Perry and Panya the parrots have been into Blue Class and we have been showing Perry what good role models we are at Benhall. He is beginning to follow the rules and listen to children and the adults.


On Tuesday, Perry's friend Follo the tree frog came all the way from the Amazon rainforest in South America because he had bounced so much from the forest floor to the canopy layer that he had forgotten all his rainforest knowledge!


Blue Class have been building rainforests in the outside construction area and Euan even made an emergency slide in case the parrots got tired of flying! Inside, we have been using wooden planks, small guttering and blocks to make animal homes- we had to use blue tac, tape and glue to make it stronger and stiffer. We have made lots of different habitats for the rainforest animals.


We have also saved Panya's baby parrots by completing the multiplication sums on their bellies! Some of us were Maths whizzes.


We have also helped Follo by writing non fiction booklets, writing information on frogs, creating the different layers of the rainforest using materials and using story language to practise and perform our own rainforest stories.


Jake completed the maths challenge on Tuesday of using the rainbow waffles and made all his pairs to 10 and 20!


Another busy week as you can see :-)

Next week our main objectives will be :


Writing: Story writing- We're going on a rainforest hunt!

Maths: Money - recognising coins, value and problem solving

Art: Looking at a particular artist - Henri Rousseau

Picture 1 Completing the baby parrot maths.
Picture 2 Making habitats!
Picture 3
Picture 4 Our information frog writing!
Picture 5
Picture 6