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Achieve, Believe, Care and Dream

Week 2

Picture 1 Dino land!
Picture 2 Helping the aliens to party!
Picture 3 Making rocket runways!
Picture 4 Challenge: To add facts.
Picture 5 Transient Art
Picture 6
Picture 7 Adding on the rockets!
Picture 8 Carmen's rocket!
Picture 9 Independent creativity

This week we are still Up, Up and away with space.


We have been very busy adapting the story 'How to catch a star' by Oliver Jeffers and creating our own stories. We have had 'How to catch a unicorn' and 'How to catch a snowflake' as just some of the wonderful ideas.

In Maths, we have been helping the aliens who want to leave a party and helping the aliens that want to join. This helped us to focus on our one more and one less skills. Jack, Jake and Frankie have all be working with hundred numbers which we celebrated.

We have also been making up our own space performances using Non fiction facts in the reading den. Emma, Phoebe, Ella, Betsy and Florence White all performed to Mrs Richmond who said she now knew some new space facts!

In the small world area, we have visited Dino land and made our own space stories on the big whiteboard. Olaf, Harmoni and Carmen had lots of fun doing this.

In construction, we used the marble run to create a runway for the rocket. We were then challenged to make our own moving parts for our space rockets to move through. Noah, Filip and Joseph really


We have been looking at Kandinksy and thinking how we could create our own space pictures. Charlotte and Florence H made their own interpretation and created a 'planet strip' with labels.


Next week our main objectives will be:

Writing- descriptive writing

Maths- 2D and 3D shape names and properties

Music- listening to and discussing different types of music

Art- focussing on Keith Haring