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Achieve, Believe, Care and Dream

Week 2

This week we have been learning about the amazing astronauts Time Peake and and Neil Armstrong and their adventures in Space. We have talked about what we would like to be when we grow up and are practising using our big clear voices in front of our friends. This is something we will continue to practise next week too.
On Tuesday we made Planet Pancakes following a recipe and then had a go at writing our own instructions.
We have been astronauts in training after discovering an article about Astronaut Training School. The children were brilliant at challenging themselves in every area- making healthy choices when choosing fillings for their wraps, exercising, keeping super clean hands, working as a team, looking after their friends and working hard. What a great bunch of budding astronauts we have!
We have all been wowed by the children’s time telling. They are practising reading and making o’clock and half past the hour and doing so well. If you could have a go at home too that would be fantastic. We have also been sequencing things we do at different times of the day and comparing them to what an astronauts day is like in Space.
Mrs Pain wanted me to let you know she is doing her very best to get better so she can be back to school. She is missing everyone desperately. We surprised her today with a little bit of Yellow Class medicine. We made a special phone call to her in hospital and she was 'over the moon' (to stick to the theme). Your children were utterly delightful sharing news of their learning, asking her questions about what she was having for breakfast and telling her how much they loved her. What a very special class they are and Mrs Pain said they were the best medicine yet.

Thank you for a brilliant week and have a lovely weekend!