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Achieve, Believe, Care and Dream

Week 2

On Monday we came to school to find a skeleton who wanted to teach us. Mr Lean taught us all about the belief of Christians and the creation story and where the skeleton may have come from. We worked in teams to make split pin wheels to retell the story.


Miss Allen then told us about a problem she had that happened over the weekend- she had spilt her delicious dinner on the floor. We then had lots of different things to touch, smell, taste, hear and smell. We independently then investigated these different things and thought of different ways to record our findings. Some children drew and labelled, some decided to make a table of results and other children took photographs.


We have also been writing Funnybones stories (structure and punctuation), making our own body part songs (naming body parts), making Funnybones pizzas for the skeltons (halves and quarters) and we are currently making a large piece of Art work to show the creation story (we hope it will be ready for pop in on Friday!)

Picture 1 Our Senses Investigation Station
Picture 2 I wonder which material absorbs the most...
Picture 3 Teamwork is key to success!
Picture 4 Ella the Maths Whizz!
Picture 5 Florence the Maths Whizz!
Picture 6
Picture 7 Sam the song writer!
Picture 8 Sam and Sonny preparing to perform!
Picture 9 Olaf and Jack singing their body part song!
Picture 10 Creating our own versions of the Creation story!
Picture 11 Charlie fancied a quiet read.
Picture 12 Making our teamwork pin wheels.
Picture 13 Carmen being a Science Investigator!
Picture 14 Senses investigations!
Picture 15 Learninig a song with Miss Allen's guitair.
Picture 16 We loved singing!
Picture 17 Finding out about our senses!