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Achieve, Believe, Care and Dream

Week 3

We have focused the majority of our learning this week around the book ‘Hector and the big bad knight’.


After reading the story as a class, the children had a go at filling a hanky with useful objects that they would take on an adventure with Hector to defeat the big, bad knight. The children drew their useful objects, labelled and wrote about them. They had some brilliant ideas – they involved a lot of food being splatted in the knight’s face!


We received a letter from the big, bad knight on Monday explaining that the humungous, hungry dragon had eaten all of his swords! The children had great fun making new swords and shields for him to take into battle. They then practised their measuring skills to make sure they had made different lengths of each so that they could be used in different battles.


Following the theme of the story, the children have been getting very musical! In groups they worked together to create a soundtrack to part of the story. This could have been when they went through the deep, dark forest or approached the dark, dingy moat!


This week we have introduced structured handwriting sessions at our tables and the children have loved using feeder leader lines! We are going to keep practising every week to make sure we have beautifully neat writing.

Making a soundtrack to 'Hector and the big bad knight'

Playing Paralympic football