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Achieve, Believe, Care and Dream

Week 3

Picture 1 We created maps to find the Big Bad Knight!
Picture 2 Here are some of us creating our own napkins!

What a fantastic week we have had in Blue Class! J

Our first class text has been Hector and the Big Bad Knight by Alex Smith. It was such an enjoyable read and we noticed lots of rhymes and alliteration.

Blue Class received a letter from Hector which asked us what he should take in his napkin to help try and catch the Big Bad Knight.

We made our own napkins and had to justify to the class why we would take that particular object! Some children collected string to tie him up and some children wanted to take magnifying glasses to find footprints.

We also went on a welly walk to see if we could see the Big Bad Knight- Filip and Tillie saw him in the bushes! On our welly walk we looked at our surrounding area and tried to think of alliteration for it. We came up with ‘big, brown bricks’ and ‘tall trees’.

In PE we went on a mission to find the Big Bad Knight and had to think of how we would move, change direction and create different shapes. Eliza was a super spider and Joseph was a fantastic bird.

In Science this week we are beginning to investigate different materials and discussed how we could make a turret using strong and waterproof materials. We are going to be carrying out our investigation next week!

Although we still have not traced the Big Bad Knight we know he must have WIFI as he sent us an email during our Maths time to say that he has had his swords and shields eaten by the ‘hungry, humungous dragon’ and that he needed help. We used rulers and cubes to measure and make different swords and shields. We did this independently and then we discussed and compared the smallest, biggest, shortest and longest!

Alongside all these learning activities we have been practising our handwriting, phonics and reading!