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Achieve, Believe, Care and Dream

Week 3

Damaged Trees

Yellow and Orange Class had their first Friendly Thursday this week. This is where we all come together to solve problems using our thinking skills with our friends.

The children were amazing. We had a message from Mr Spence telling us that some trees had been damaged in the recent windy weather - particularly the tallest ones. We had to pop our wellies on, take some measuring equipment and something to record our findings on. The children set to work, using their sharp eyes to spot any damaged trees and draw pictures of them for Mr Spence, they worked out the age of the trees by measuring around their trunks and they even learnt how to work out the height of the trees! One of the trees was 800 inches tall - we had to use great team work and 4 tape measures to work this out.  Fantastic. We gave Mr Spence a quick call back in the classroom on the emergency telephone and told him everything we had found out. He was so impressed and very happy that we helped so much. On Friday we all wrote fabulous letters to him, letting him know everything we had done.