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Achieve, Believe, Care and Dream

Week 3

Another busy week in Blue Class.


We have been learning to write letters to complete the competition of having the Banquet. We now know to start our letters with 'Dear' and we remembered to sign off the letter with our names!


We have also been learning to tell the o'clock and half past times. Lots of us have been practising and we now know that 9 o'clock in the morning is the start of school and 3' o clock is home time. We are going to be practising this throughout the week. Sophia was fabulous at telling half past times too!

Charlie, Jake and Emma enjoyed timing each other using the 60 second timer and gave each other lots of challenges. They had to count how many times they could touch their toes and do star jumps. Some of us got very tired from this.


In Art this week we have focussed on the artist Kandinsky and have produced some fantastic art work using shape, space and line. As it has been a week with no tables and chairs we did really well.


Plea to parents: If you are wanting to throw anything away or it no longer has a home then please ask Miss Bilton as she wants to collect lots of wonderful, weird and wacky things to help enhance our learning environment. This can be anything at all!