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Week 3


This week Yellow class have been reading the delightful story of 'The Kiss that Missed' we have been story mapping it and retelling it throughout the week. We have also had a focus on subtraction and addition and the Castle Kitchen has been full of recipes being created by adding. We enjoyed feeding the dragons by taking away sultanas! Another busy week in Yellow class. What will we get up to next?

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Our poorly baby dragon.

First he had a cold. The dragon had a cold and had left dirty tissues all over the floor. There was snot all over the jumpers that we had to clean off. We made a den to hide from the snot incase the dragon sneezed when he was flying over our playground. We made shields to make sure the snot didn't go on us. We maked get well soon cards. We made medicine and potions to help him get better - we used pasta, glitter, water and rice and then wrote our own list. We popped him to the doctors who checked his nose, height, wings and ears. We made a list of how to stay healthy so we could show the dragon. We made blankets and toys for the baby dragon.

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We started our Spotacular day with a whole school assembly, watching the wonderful Peter Reynolds story 'The Dot' - if you haven't read it before, have a look on youtube at Peter Reynolds reading it himself. It's a fantastic 'purple learner' story.

We spent the day exploring spots of different sizes and colours using many different objects and materials to create our own unique dots. There is a beautiful whole school display in the hall which shows how unique we all are - come and have a look, it's just gorgeous!

Thank you for all your support today - the children looked amazing and the money goes to such a good cause.

Have lovely weekends

Mrs Aitken

What a fabulous few days we have had.