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Achieve, Believe, Care and Dream

Week 3

This week Indigo Class read 'The Great Kapok Tree' and were inspired to do something quick to stop deforestation before all of the lovely rainforests in the world are destroyed! They had lots of ideas, one of the best was to write letters to people who might be able to help us, like Theresa May and the Queen! The children learned all about how to set out a letter properly and tried their best to use different sentence types in their writing to grab the reader's attention - statements, questions, commands and exclamations! They wrote some fabulous letters! Fingers crossed we get a response!


Well done Team Indigo! smiley


Next week we will be...


* Investigating gravity and air resistance in a helicopter experiment!

* Writing up our predictions and experiments

* Learning all about Sir Isaac Newton

* Climbing a Digiwall!