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Achieve, Believe, Care and Dream

Week 3

We came back to school on Monday and our outdoor area had been invaded by Mr Men and Little Miss. They had set us lots of different challenges for us to complete.


We had to make lots of drinks for Mr Greedy (as he had managed to spill them all), test different materials for Mr Rush and his cars, help Little Miss Chatterbox by reading different stories, create an obstacle course for Mr Fussy, build a den (following a specification) for Mr Strong as well as creating Van Gogh style pictures for Mr Messy. It was a very busy morning and all of the adults and children helped to complete the challenges.


We had a video from Mr Mean and decided we could try and help him be kind so we did lots of things such as writing new Mr Men stories, building new friends, making new friends out of different textures as well as helping Mr Clever to double numbers!


Next week we will be focussing more on Mr Men and their busy personalities!


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