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Achieve, Believe, Care and Dream

Week 3

On Monday the children were very surprised to find that we had had some sneaky visitors to our outside area – lots of the Mr Men and Little Miss characters had snuck in and set lots of different challenges for them to explore! Luckily, the children were brilliant and embraced each of the challenges that had been set.

Unfortunately, Green Class had managed to leave the classroom door open on their way out to lunch Monday afternoon and those sneaky characters managed to get into the classroom to set even more challenges! The children have loved completing the activities which have included:

  • Mr Clever leaving two Maths challenges – filling in missing numbers on a number square and doubling numbers
  • Writing sentences with adjectives for Mr Greedy
  • Reading books to Mr Grumpy to turn his frown upside down!
  • Creating friends for Little Miss Chatterbox and telling her stories
  • Creating Mr Men and Little Miss characters using different materials as a challenge set by Mr Messy
  • Writing rules on how to be a good friend for Mr Mean
  • Sorting out sentences that had no capital letters to keep Mr Fussy happy


The children have also been working incredibly hard on their writing this week. They have made us so proud with the fabulous work that they have produced so far. The task was to create their own Mr Men or Little Miss character and write a character profile about them. Take a look around the classroom at the amazing writing that has been produced so far!


Let’s hope no more of these busy bodies find their way in over the weekend!!


Next week in Green Class:

*Continuing our character profile writing

*Addition and subtraction with word problems

*Measuring and weighing in g and kg

*Story writing

*Comparing our locality with another country