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Achieve, Believe, Care and Dream

Week 3

We have been learning through the story Supertato this week and the children have absolutely loved it. They have been helping the veggies trap the Evil Pea through various creative contraptions – have a look on Tapestry when you can. They have been learning about the use of speech bubbles and what different characters might say and how they might sound.
On Wednesday afternoon we came back to the classroom to find a letter from Evil Pea who had frozen the poor carrots thick in ice. The children put their scientific thinking hats on and came up with some excellent ideas for how to free the carrots – and fast! They worked in groups and soon freed the freezing carrots. The scientific language, thinking and problem solving was incredible. Again, have a look on Tapestry when you can.
What a fantastic Sports Day – the children took part brilliantly and all had a great time showing off their physical skills. Well done everyone and Mums and Dads too for some speedy races!
Thank you to everyone who came to our
Funnybones performance yesterday. The children worked so hard to practise, especially in the scorching heat at the start of the week. We were all incredibly proud! If you were unable to make it and would like to watch it Mr Taylor kindly filmed it, so just let us know.
Have a lovely weekend
Mrs Aitken, Mrs Pain and Miss Nugent