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Week 4

This week we have been trying to help the King of the castle get his message in a bottle to float across the moat! We thought about what makes something float or sink...and what about the things that don't really float or sink? (We called it flinking!!!) We predicted that the heavier objects would sink, but... after lots and lots of exploring we discovered that that isn't the WHOLE story! An unpeeled orange bobbed on top of the water, but when we peeled it (making it lighter) it sank to the bottom! We decided that the peel was a bit like a life jacket and had air inside it, making the orange more buoyant! The children then wanted to find out more...


"What happens if we put something that sinks INSIDE something that floats? Will it make it sink?"

"What happens if we put sand in the water?"

"Do all things with holes in sink?"

"Instead of trying to make the bottle float why don't we try to make the water more dense?"


Brilliant scientific questions Indigo Class! smiley


We have also been finding out more amazing castle facts to add to our reports! We searched the internet and looked at some atlases to find out about castles around the world. We even learned how to use the index to help us find things more quickly. We found a castle in Australia called Sunshine Castle and talked about why we couldn't find any castles in Antarctica. We added our new information onto our class world map!
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Next week we will be:


* Experiencing real life archery!

* Investigating how archery was used long, long ago and making our own timelines

* Getting better at subtracting 2-digit numbers

* Visiting the Life Education Bus!

* Conducting a catapult experiment!