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Achieve, Believe, Care and Dream

Week 4

We started off our week with a visit from Dexter the dragon. He was feeling a bit sad because he and his friends had been taken out of Reception for not being very kind dragons. Luckily, Green Class were on hand to come up with some great ideas on how to cheer him up!


We started off by making Dexter some new dragon friends that he could play with – we created differently, either by making dragons using split pins, drawing or painting our dragons. To make sure Dexter knew what good friends they were, we described our dragons and started using adjectives to make our writing more exciting! After reading the story about Zog, we decided that he would make a good friend for Dexter and so some of the children used their adjectives to describe Zog.


Green Class have been fabulous at teaching the dragons to share this week. We have been learning all about halves and quarters and have used this to share out cakes, toys and food between themselves and the naughty dragons! Yesterday, as Dexter is now feeling much happier, we decided to make some dragon music. We listened to a few examples and discussed what we thought might be happening in response to the music. We then used the xylophones to create our own dragon music and described what might be happening.


Of course, Turrets and Tales Tuesday was a big part of our week! We had a fabulous time making and creating lots of wonderful swords, castles, shields and dragons. Thank you to everyone that came along – we hope you had a great afternoon!


Next week in Green Class:

*more descriptive writing to include adjectives (and similes)

*tally charts and bar charts

*’Donkey Seller’ rehearsals!

*discussing the seasons and getting wintery!