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Week 4

This week Indigo Class have been super scientists! We learned all about a man who lived long, long ago called Sir Isaac Newton who made an amazing discovery...gravity! Then we conducted our own science experiments to investigate how quickly or slowly different objects drop. The children made helicopter spinners that floated to the ground very slowly. We realised that air was pushing up against the helicopter's wings to keep it's called air resistance!
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Something else really exciting happened in school this week... the Digiwall! The children had so much fun climbing and playing all the different games. They also showed great sportsmanship by cheering each other on, well done Indigo! What a fab week! smiley

Next week we will be...


* Finding out all about the Wright brothers

* Investigating aircrafts and designing our own

* Using adverbs to describe how our aircrafts move (slowly, quickly, smoothly, gracefully etc.)

* Counting in 2s, 5s and 10s and using what we know to solve multiplications