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Achieve, Believe, Care and Dream

Week 4

This week has been our last week of Space and what a fun filled one it has been.


We have been building alien homes using numicon and 3D shapes and then we measured the height and width using rulers. We had some really tall homes. Annabelle and Bethany really persevered to complete this space challenge.

We also used the small world to create our own stories using different materials and figures. Freddie had really good expression!

Lots of children added their favourite book from home in our reading basket and then we created questions so we can have a class quiz on Friday.

In our music/stage area we have explored different instruments, written our own music and performed in groups to the classes. Miss Bilton played us lots of different music genres and we had to think about how it made us feel and what it made us think. Joseph enjoyed the reggae and Olaf really enjoyed the rock and roll!

In all of this we have also created our own aliens using folding, hinges and split pins, described our aliens, played pairs to match the numbers and words, timed ourselves to read as many high frequency words in a minute and made symmetrical space pictures.

We also had a visit …Silvarious the silver alien who lost all his spots from a sneezing fit. We had to collect the spots and add adjectives to him as well as making the colour of him symmetrical.

Next week we will be going on a magic carpet ride to India and we will be focussing on the festival Holi.

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