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Achieve, Believe, Care and Dream

Week 4

This week Indigo Class have been investigating some historical artefacts to find out about someone from the past. We decided that it must be a doctor or a nurse... it was Florence Nightingale! She even popped in on her time machine to pay us a visit! We found out all about her life and how she helped to change hospitals for the better. The children did some beautiful writing about Florence and tried to include lots of different sentence types (statements, commands, questions and exclamations). What an incredible lady she was!
We have also been getting much better at playing rugby! The children are enjoying it so much!
We have also been learning all about the marvellous human body. In teams, we made skeleton models but we had a challenge to use different joins and moving parts. We had sliding tongues, revolving skulls, wiggly toes attached on a hinge and the children even thought to include a bladder filled with water! Amazing learning Indigo Class!
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Next week (last week of term already!) we will be...


* Writing our own stories about whatever we like!

* Checking up on our seeds and seeing how much they have changed

* Investigating another famous person from the past and comparing them with Florence Nightingale

* Getting better at counting money and reading scales in maths