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Achieve, Believe, Care and Dream

Week 4

This week Green Class have had another busy week! On Tuesday they spent the morning in Year Two with Mrs Pain and Mrs Seyers getting themselves ready for their move up in September. From what I’ve heard, they all had a fabulous time! Tuesday afternoon we had a great time showing off and practising our purple learner skills at our parent afternoon. Thank you to all that could make it J


Wednesday morning began with quite the problem! Miss Bilton had a nightmare of a morning, slipping in the car park and having to go to the fairytale hospital where it was absolute chaos! Miss Bilton told us all about seeing the Tooth Fairy with a broken wing, the Big Bad Wolf with his burnt tail, the Three Blind Mice who had lost their walking sticks and the Giant who was suffering after his fall down the beanstalk. The hospital were dealing with so many problems that they needed some help! Luckily, Year One were on hand to come up with some ideas such as making more stretchers, making some flavoured medicine and creating a tail protector for the wolf (along with many more!). For the past two days, the children have enjoyed testing out all their ideas and providing extra help to the doctors and nurses.


Yesterday, the children had a great time coming up with our ‘Green Class Bucket List’. The children told me everything they wanted to learn about over the next few weeks – it looks like we’ll be very busy! (They had so much fun doing the class list, they went and made their own too!)


Have a lovely weekend J