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Week 4

This week in preschool we had more visits from Gloucestershire Police, the Policemen showed us different equipment such as their radio, a truncheon and handcuffs  and talked about the different things that policemen/women do to help people every day. The children tried on the policeman's  helmet/cap, the children looked around the police van and sat in the drivers seat. The children learned that is is important to know in an emergency you call 999 and the person who answers will listen and help you, and it is very good to know your address. Overall the children learned a Policeman/women is always there to help and keep us safe. 

Benhall Police Station!!

Benhall Police Station!! 1
Picture 1

We had a visit from a Doctor, they spoke to the children about what they do in their job and if they have emergencies how they look after people who have had an accident or who are poorly. The Doctor brought some of her equipment to show the children such as a Thermometer, defibrillator,

 and stethoscope, the children listened with interest and then asked the Doctor some questions.

The children have really enjoyed learning all about they Emergency Services and we are really grateful to all those who came to visit, Thank you.