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Week 4

This Week in Yellow Class – Week 4
Superheroes have continued to be the focus this week. The story Run, Veggies Run inspired our learning at the beginning of the week where the children learnt about healthy eating, healthy food, cooking yummy healthy muffins and sketching vegetables. The children have been keen to keep the Evil Pea at bay and as yet he hasn’t returned. Phew!
Later in the week we read the story
Superkid. From this story, the children have created their own Superhero identity. They showed great perseverance when training like superheroes, designed their own logos, made capes, made their own superhero mini me’s, made comic strips, took photos of each other saving the day and made their own masks. Mrs Richmond came to visit us on Thursday and was absolutely blown away with the children’s independence, creative thinking, collaboration, support and encouragement for each other and total engagement and enthusiasm in their learning. Absolutely right. Fabulous!
If you haven’t looked on Tapestry recently, please do – you will find lots of observations of your children’s learning. Our website is updated weekly too, so if you would like to see more, take a look at our Yellow Class page. Mrs Norman had a meeting with the company who run our website and they said the class pages were the best they had ever seen – have a look if you get a tick.
Cannot believe there is just 3 weeks left!

Mrs Aitken, Mrs Pain and Miss Nugent