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Achieve, Believe, Care and Dream

Week 5

We have had such an exciting week! We had a go at using a real bow and arrow, taking part in both team games and competitions against one another. The children proved themselves to be fabulous archers and even better sportspeople, cheering each other on and persevering to get the gold! We even had a chance to practise our mental maths skills as the children added up their own scores in their heads! Well done Indigo Class!
Next, we were very lucky to have a visit from the Life Education Bus! We met Julie and Harold the Giraffe (the children remembered them well from last year!) and talked lots and lots about our bodies and our feelings.
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Finally, after learning lots about archery, we thought about a weapon used in castles long, long ago that we have just LOVED learning about - the trebuchet! The children had a go at making their own using marshmallows and skewers...but that got a bit messy and kept falling apart! We thought about how we could make our trebuchets more secure and then, once we were happy with our structures, we had a scientific experiment to see which objects we could launch the furthest!



Well done on a wonderful week of learning Indigo Class! smiley


Next week we will be...


* Receiving a special invitation to a royal banquet with some exciting challenges to complete!

* Meeting some birds of prey!

* Drawing our own number lines to help us with adding

* Improving our ball skills in a game of handball

* Following a tasty recipe and observing how the ingredients start to change as we cook