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Achieve, Believe, Care and Dream

Week 5

On Tuesday we had a lot of fun making things for our Winter display which included snowmen made from shaving foam, foil trees and spiral snowmen.
Picture 1 We weaved snowman hats!
Picture 2 We worked in teams to create large snowflakes!
Picture 3 Fab teamwork!
Picture 4
Picture 5 We used shaving foam for our snowmen!
Picture 6 Creating shiny trees.
Picture 7 Helping each other is what we do!
Picture 8
Picture 9 We made foil twigs and branches.
Picture 10


Christmas is creeping up on us in Blue Class and today we have started to practise with Green Class and Year 2 in the hall. Our singing is sounding fabulous and we certainly have some fantastic actors and actresses in Blue Class. Filip is a fab donkey and Sonny can act so well as Father Christmas!


Miss Bilton told us on Monday morning that on Tuesday we are going to be doing lots of art and craft to create our classroom into Winter Wonderland. Look out for pictures on our page later on in the week!