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Week 5

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Picture 1 Meet Rosanda Rainforest!

Rosanda Rainforest flew into visit us this week in Blue Class.. al the way from the Amazon! She was so polite and wanted to find out all about how we are similar and different.


She came with 2 videos which showed her family, friends and the area she lived in. We found out lots of interesting facts. She actually lives in a tree house made from natural resources. Rosanda got so excited that she asked if we could tell her all about our homes and local area so we set straight to work with the challenge.


We spent the week making leaflets, posters and writing letters to her so she could take them back to show her friends. We also shared the bears in the animal boogie to help her make different pairs to 10 and 20 as well as sorting the words for the silly spiders, creating our own characters, story writing and making a tree house for if Rosanda and her family want to come and visit again.


As well as this we have been practising our class performance which is looking amazing. If you are coming to watch tomorrow then bring your singing voices!



Next week:


We will be learning:

2D and 3D shapes

leaflet writing

problem solving

Airport visit- Thursday- children to wear school uniform.