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Achieve, Believe, Care and Dream

Week 5

On Monday the children received a letter from Mr Tall thanking them for their hard work over the past couple of weeks and inviting them to a Mr Men and Little Miss tea party this afternoon! Unfortunately, he was unsure of how to throw a party for Year One children so asked for their help. Luckily, they were happy to offer some suggestions and have been working hard all week to get ready for the party. The children have made party hats with repeating patterns using different textures and materials, written letters of invitation to the party and designed posters to let everyone know we will be using the hall. The children have also been helping Mr Messy to tell the time so that he isn’t late for the party!


In addition to all of the party preparation the children have been super Scientists! We have introduced our new ‘investigation station’ which now features a selection of resources that allows the children to ask and investigate their own questions (and some of mine!) and record them in their own ways. They have loved exploring magnets, floating and sinking and plants so far this week.


Have a lovely half term break J


After half term:

*Non-chronological reports about the body

*Funnybones story writing

*Linking different parts of the body to our senses

*Fractions (half, quarter, three quarters)