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Achieve, Believe, Care and Dream

Week 6

Blue Class couldn't believe it when we found three bowls of porridge half eaten, three different sized chairs and bits of golden curly hair scattered in our outdoor area on Monday morning. We guessed that Goldilocks and the three bears must have been here over the weekend.


We split into three groups and asked Mrs Richmond, Mr Freeman and Mrs Evans if they had seen or heard anything but nobody had. We decided to think about some activities to entice Goldilocks and the bears back. We took part in the following:


  • Making music/songs so Goldilocks would hear and want to come back
  • Planned, designed, labelled and built cameras to film any suspicious things going on in the outdoor area
  • Wrote invitations to trick Goldilocks into coming back to Blue Class
  • Added the chairs to check she hadn't stolen any
  • Used masks and dressed up to re-tell the story so she thought we were the bears!


Picture 1 We couldn't believe what we had found!
Picture 2 Goldilocks had even left some of her curls!
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5 We re-told the story as the Bears!
Picture 6 We made music to entice her back.
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9 We played a trick by writing invitations!
Picture 10
Picture 11 Sam perfomed his Goldilocks song!
When we came into school on Tuesday we could not believe what had happened. Our classroom was trashed! There were chairs thrown over, paper on the floor and even our posh pens had been chucked on the carpet. We knew Goldilocks had been back and this time we needed to catch her. She had been that naughty that she had taken photos and put them onto the IWB ....
Picture 1 Goldilocks was last seen escaping out the door!
Picture 2 Just look what she had done to Blue Class!
Picture 3 Our messy room! Goodness Goldilocks!
Picture 4 Making different types of porridge!
Picture 5 Annabel and Courtney working as a team!
Picture 6 Following our designs to build a trap.
Picture 7 Filip making porridge!