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Achieve, Believe, Care and Dream

Week 6

Yellow Class have shown us some really fantastic learning this week. They are making such great progress with their sounds, and have started blending these sounds to make words - so many magical moments when they realise they can really read!

They have blown us all away with their story writing of 'The Owl Babies' - if you haven't managed to pop into the classroom yet, please do, when you can and have a look.

We had a very exciting visit on Wednesday when 'the owl man' came with some of his beautiful owls, a kestrel and a falcon to talk about them - we learnt so many amazing facts. We were even able to fly some of the birds ourselves! Wow

On Thursday we received a message from Plop the owl from 'The owl who was afraid of the dark'. He told us that he had tried to be brave in the dark and talked to lots of people about it, but was still feeling a bit wobbly about it. The children put their thinking heads on immediately and came up with the most wonderful, thoughtful, caring and clever ideas to help Plop. They made lanterns, torches, pictures, new snuggly nests and dens, they even came up with the brilliant idea to make Plop his own laptop so he can 'Google' some information about the dark or watch a few of his films to comfort him. The children explored and made electrical circuits to light up little bulbs. The best part was when the children became teachers themselves and shared their learning with each other. An absolute joy to see. We have chosen some pictures to share with you below!

Thank you Yellow Class for another amazing week.