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Achieve, Believe, Care and Dream

Week 6

We have had another incredibly exciting week this week! We were visited by some birds of prey and we  were lucky enough to experience a real life falconry display! The children had lots of questions and found out so much about these magical creatures...we even got to have a go at flying them! Amazing!

We have also been very busy cooking this week! We had a letter from King Henry VIII himself asking us to try out some recipes for his banquet! We made some delicious ginger biscuits and some very wobbly jelly. We talked lots and lots about how everything is made from tiny, invisible particles and how we know whether something is a solid, liquid or a gas. We observed what happened when we added boiling hot water to the solid jelly cubes...they started to dissolve and turn into a liquid! Then it turned back into a solid when we left it in the fridge over night...although it was a very wobbly solid!


Then we had a very important job...eating the jelly and biscuits! We had to imagine what King Henry might say if he ate it and had a go at writing our own exclamations. We've been learning so much this week about all the different kinds of sentences there are; statements, commands, questions and exclamations!

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Next week we will be...

* Learning some new jester tricks like juggling and using a diablo

* Writing instructions for how to perform a jester trick

* Subtracting tens and units on a number line

* Investigating the Bayeux Tapestry to find out about the Battle of Hastings

* Holding our very own medieval banquet to celebrate our learning so far!