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Achieve, Believe, Care and Dream

Week 6

What a festive week in Blue Class!


Cecilia the Snow lady came to visit us on Thursday and told us all of her problems. The naughty Elves of Snowzone land had been causing her lots of upset- chopping down the Christmas tress, causing snow storms with the snowflakes, melting the igloos and rubbing out all of the Winter writing.


Blue Class were just the most PERFECT class to help Cecilia and set to work straight away.

They designed, built and improved their own mini igloos using a range of resources, put the number sentences back onto the snowflakes, wrote new Winter acrostic poems and measured out new trees.


Cecilia felt so much happier by lunch time.


We have also been practising for our Christmas show which is on Tuesday and Wednesday next week.

We went to Tewksbury to watch Robin Hood at the Pantomime..... we had so much fun travelling on the coach, watching the show and even having an ice cream!