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Achieve, Believe, Care and Dream

Week 6

Well, what a busy week it’s been with multiskills, internet safety day, a visit from some pigeons and a trip to the airport all crammed in!

Tuesday was ‘Safer Internet Day’ which all started with an assembly from Mrs Norman talking to the children about how to keep safe when they are on the internet. They learnt the phrase ‘Stop…Block…and Tell’ and used this to create their own internet safety posters. These have all been passed on to Mrs Norman who is going to choose the best poster and display it around classrooms and the ICT Suite. Exciting stuff!

The children explored using the LearnPads a bit more this week by using them to create a Venn diagram to compare Cheltenham and the rainforest. They learnt how to select their background, take photos and add them to the Venn diagram and add text to label each section. They were brilliant!

Wednesday saw our visit from two retired racing pigeons. The children learnt a lot about the differences between racing pigeons and the pigeons you see in the wild, as well as many facts about them.

Of course the most exciting part of our week was our visit to Birmingham Airport yesterday. The children were brilliant and had a fabulous day. We saw a few planes taking off and landing. In our walk around the airport we managed to speak to two armed police officers that told us all about their job at the airport. A great day had by all! A special thank you to our parent helpers as well – you were brilliant, thank you!


We hope you have a wonderful half term and look forward to seeing you all after the break! J

We used the LearnPads to create Venn Diagrams showing the similarities and differences between Cheltenham and the rainforest! Here are some examples.