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Achieve, Believe, Care and Dream

Week 6

This week we have been preparing for the Holi festival:


We have done the following:

  • made jewellery using symmetry and measured our bracelets in centimetres
  • sent invitations
  • made posters
  • practised our Bhangra dancing
  • practised Mehndi painting on our hands
  • flew around the world on the magic carpet and sent postcards


On Wednesday, an Indian Elephant named Honna visited us and she sent us a special message that said she had no friends, she did not have nay food for the Holi festival and that she didn't even know what to do at a Holi party - we decided that we were the best people to help her. She had lost all of her beautiful colours in an Indian rainstorm!


We did the following:

  • designed and made our own healthy snack for the party
  • sent cards to make Honna happy
  • built Honna a shelter in the den area
  • used KNEX and lego to design and construct homes- we were then challenged by Honna to make them longer/wider
  • some of us were challenged to make a moving elephant - we used air to blow it through a straw which then released the elephant's trunk


We shared how we were purple learners with the class and each time Honna got a brand new ribbon to make her more colourful.


On Friday at 11am we are having our own Holi party where all our learning will come together!





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