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Achieve, Believe, Care and Dream

Week 7

Picture 1 Euan the narrator!
Picture 2 Evie the narrator!
Picture 3 Tillie the angel!
Picture 4 Bethany the angel!
Picture 5 Phoebe as Gazer the donkey!
Picture 6 Ella the donkey seller!
Picture 7 Charlie from the band!
Picture 8 Sam from the band!
Picture 9 Freddie as Prince the donkey!
Picture 10 Here comes Noah as Joseph!
Picture 11 Betsy the elf.
Picture 12 Sophia the narrator!
Picture 13 Sonny as Mr Claus!
Picture 14 Charlotte the angel!
Picture 15 Faith the elf.
Picture 16 Jack the elf.
Picture 17 Courtney the angel!
Picture 18 Florence the angel.
Picture 19 Harmoni the angel
Picture 20 Filip as Bouncer the donkey!
Picture 21 Jake the elf
Picture 22 Frankie the elf
Picture 23 Olaf the shining star!
Picture 24 Carmen the angel.
Picture 25 Emma from the band!
Picture 26 Florence the narrator.
Picture 27 Annabel the elf.
Picture 28 Eliza the narrator.
Picture 29 Joseph the narrator!

The final week before the Christmas holidays and we are certainly in the Christmas spirit.


Today we had our dress rehearsal and our costumes were fantastic and festive. We are now ready to show the parents on Tuesday and Wednesday!

Our week this week is consisting of:


Monday- Dress rehearsal and hat making for the party!

Tuesday- Performance and party time (remember your party clothes)

Wednesday - Performance and Christmas activities

Thursday - Christingle and Christmas games

Friday- Celebrating in style!


Have a lovely Christmas holiday and a fantastic New Year!


Thank you to all you lovely parents and friends of the school for supporting me on my first few weeks. I am thoroughly enjoying it and love my Blue poppets! x x