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Achieve, Believe, Care and Dream

Week 7

Our last few days have been full of problem solving, helping others, team work, thinking hard, working hard and lots of Purple Learning!

On Wednesday Mrs Bennett called first thing to ask for our help - some of the pre-school children who are starting school in September were feeling a bit nervous and worried about coming to school. Of course we told Mrs Bennett not to worry and we would get our thinking caps on straight away. The children certainly did that - they wrote letters telling the children all about school and not to worry, made maps of the school to help them find their way round, made toys for them to play with when they arrive in September and made big books full of information about school like how the Purple Bus works, the Benhall Toolkit, lunchtimes, the PlayPod, made signs to put up, made welcome banners and even made video clips of important places around school - the list goes on. As always the children were totally focussed on making sure they could help as much as possible - just wonderful to see. We also had a visit from Mr Cook our class Governor who was very impressed with what he saw.

Today I had a surprise for the children - Theo had written a letter so we shared that and then we were able to Facetime Theo, Ava and their Mummy at their new home in Scotland. The children loved seeing their friend in his new home and we even had a tour of their playroom. Theo made everyone laugh as always. What a lovely treat for us all and so great to see them all happy and ready for a scooter ride to the beach. We promised Theo we would write back and so after the call they got busy making, writing, colouring and creating a box of fabulous goodies to send off to Scotland for Theo and Ava to enjoy.

What a wonderful year it has been with some of the most caring, kind and embracing children I have had the pleasure to teach. Have a wonderful Summer everyone and I can't wait to see and hear all about your new adventures in Year 1 when we get back to school.

Mrs Pain and Miss Nugent thanks for one of the best ever years.

Very much love Mrs Aitken

We had great fun at fun day. We hope you all have a lovely holiday and look forward to seeing our lovely children as they move on into their new classes after the holidays. Goodbye and good luck,

Mrs Pain, Mrs Aitken and Miss Nugent