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Welcome to Yellow Class

Welcome to our homepage where you will be able to find out all about the adventures we have at school each term.

Term 1

Our Parent Curriculum meeting - Wednesday 4th October 2017

We have uploaded the Power Point presentation for anyone unable to make the evening meeting - have a look if you can!

On our first day at school we went blackberry picking and then made a yummy apple and blackberry crumble


Picking 1
Picking 2
Picking 3
Picking 4
Picking 5
Picking 6
Picking 7
Picking 8
Picking 9
Picking 10


Making  1
Making  2
Making  3
Making  4
Making  5
Making  6


Eating...yummy! 1
Eating...yummy! 2
Eating...yummy! 3
Eating...yummy! 4
Eating...yummy! 5