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British Values

How We Teach Traditional British Values at Benhall.


  • Pupils have a chance to stand for the School Council.
  • Pupils vote for their class representatives for the School Council .
  • Pupils debate and vote for their Class Rules.
  • Fairness and justice are promoted through activities and assemblies.

The Rule of Law:

  • Pupils are expected to follow our school rules and class rules that aim to keep them safe, ensure fairness, maintain good order and enable learning to take place.
  • Pupils are expected to play sport by sticking to the rules of the game and obeying the umpire.
  • Visits from local police/PSCOs to help children understand the importance of keeping the law and education about their responsibilities at different ages.
  • Developing an understanding of the role of Parliament and MPs.


  • Pupil voice
  • School Council
  • Opportunities to initiate ideas including fundraising activities for charities
  • The opportunity to express preferences and give opinions
  • Promoting the consideration of the rights of others

Learning about the British Empire and Commonwealth Respect For Others:

  • Anti Bullying policy and procedures, lessons and assemblies
  • Equality policy and practice
  • Sporting behaviour in competitions
  • Open The Book visits and assemblies
  • Regular changing of talk partners
  • Inclusion regardless of ability or origins
  • Promotion of good manners
  • Inter team and class competitions

Modelling by adults in school Tolerance for Those of Different Faiths and Beliefs:

  • Teaching of R.E.
  • Acts of worship
  • Assemblies and R.E. focus days reflecting the beliefs of others
  • Visitors from other cultures/beliefs
  • Right of parents to withdraw pupils from R.E. and/or worship
  • Open the Book worship and prayers
  • Visits to places of worship

Promotion of the idea that everyone is special Promotion Of Britishness:

  • Supporting Britain and British sports players in events such as the Olympics, the World Cup, Commonwealth Games etc
  • Commemoration of key historical/political events such as Guy Fawkes, Armistice and Saints Days
  • Learning the National Anthem
  • Showing respect for the Monarchy-marking significant events such as Royal weddings

Learning about British traditions and manufacturing The language we use with our pupils:

  • Being honest
  • Being brave
  • Being friendly
  • Trusting people
  • Appreciating what we have
  • Keep on trying
  • Being kind
  • Understanding that sometimes we are different and sometimes the same
  • Sharing and taking turns
  • Taking responsibility