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Year 2 (Violet Class and Indigo Class)

The Year 2 Team

Mrs Spence - KS1 Lead and Violet Class Teacher
Miss Morris - Head Teacher and Violet Class Teacher
Mrs Jackson - Indigo Class Teacher
Mrs Seyers - Violet Class Teaching Partner
Miss Nugent - Indigo Class Teaching Partner
Mrs Hunt - Year 2 Teaching Partner
Mrs Talbot - Year 2 Teaching Partner

A very warm welcome to Year 2's home on the Benhall website. We would love to tell you a little more about the team...

The most important part of our team is, without a doubt, the children!  Year 2 is made up of 60 delightful, resilient, enthusiastic and creative young learners.

"In Year 2, we pride ourselves on being role models for the rest of the school, and we love to take on extra roles and responsibilities around school with a smile. We love learning through Continuous Provision as it helps us to learn about the things that we love. School is never boring in year 2. Our teachers trust us to carry out our own projects and activities, and we are brilliant at working independently (this means without a grownup.) We understand that it is important to 'have a go' and we try to embrace challenges. In year 2 it is OK to make 'marvellous mistakes' and we don't worry if we get something wrong. Team Violet will always celebrate their friends if they have tried hard or not given up. We like to give each other a Benhall WHOOOSSSHHH or a marshmallow clap. You will often find us in our Science Lab or in our Workshop. You might find us in the Kitchen or curled up with a book in the Tree house. We are so proud to be in year 2...maybe you would like to come and visit one day?  "

 The aim in Year 2 is to inspire a lifelong love of learning in all the children. 

In Year 2 we are independent learners — listening to others and developing our own understanding of how we can improve our own learning. 

In Year 2 we are active learners — learning outside in forest school sessions, exploring our local area and being part of our diverse, global community.

In Year 2 we are resilient learners — feeling confident to try new things, to have a go and then have another go!

In Year 2 we are positive learners — celebrating effort and success for ourselves and our friends.

In Year 2 we are role models — being school councillors, Eco Warriors and buddies for our youngest learners.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our page. 
Teams Indigo and Violet xx