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Piano Lessons

The Government have advised school that music lessons can resume from the Autumn Term.  Simon Probert will therefore be able to resume the piano lessons held within school.  Simon will adhere to all social distancing and hygiene regulations we have put in place.  Please contact Simon directly if your child wants to learn how to play the piano.

Plato recognised the benefits of learning to play a musical instrument 2,500 years ago, and modern research has confirmed time and again that music-making combines visual, motor and auditory skills to produce a wash of stimulation throughout the brain and boost academic performance.


The social benefits are many and varied, too. Music is a lifelong interest and hugely rewarding, but best of all it’s great fun - which will always be the most important reason for learning! Playing the piano isn't just about notes and rhythms, it’s about being creative and enjoying yourself.


Piano lessons have proved extremely popular since they were first offered in 2014. Our piano teacher, Simon Probert, currently provides six hours of one-to-one tuition each week, with many children choosing to continue their lessons after leaving Benhall at the end of Year 2.


Simon has been teaching the piano to children and adults for twenty years, working with complete beginners, professional pianists and everyone in between. If you would like to like to reserve a place for next term, please contact Simon via his website