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School Council

Our School Council is made up from elected children from each class.  The class representatives bring ideas and issues from their classes and share them at School Council.  They then decide on a specific idea to focus on each term and feedback information about their work to their classes and sometimes to the whole school in assemblies.

They meet with Mrs Richmond once a week and it is the opportunity for the children in our school to share their 'voice'.  Their work is focussed on making school even better and local community issues - they really do influence school decisions.


We held our final school council meeting of the year this week and spent our time reflecting on the great things the children have accomplished over the last 2 terms. The highlight for everyone was definitely our ‘No Electricity Day’ and the children were very proud of how the day had raised the profile of energy consumption as part of our conservation theme.  

Well done to each and every one of our School Councillors who have served their terms during the last year – super effort from all of them!


On Thursday we held our ‘No Electricity Day’ which was brilliantly organised by our School Council. The whole school put lots of thought into how we could reduce our electricity use throughout the day and the School Council were ferocious in their monitoring checks! Well done everyone for a super effort and for making us all really think about electricity and how we take it for granted.


At our late School Council meeting this week the children finalised the information letter all about our ‘Non Electric Day’ and shared it with everyone.


We had a brilliantly productive meeting this week and made lots of decisions about our ‘No Electricity Day’. The children will be writing special information letters for parents all about the day very soon so watch out for yours coming home soon!


We had a very productive School Council meeting this week. We took a vote and a ‘non electric day’ won by a good number of votes. We then discussed what things use electricity at school and considered how we would manage without these things for a whole day. We will let you know more about this after the break. Great work School Council!


At our meeting this week we continued to explore the pros and cons of the class suggestions focussing on recycling. There was so much debate about the ideas that we didn’t manage to leave enough time to vote so we will be doing that next week.


At our meeting this week each class shared their ideas for the SC to focus on in the coming weeks. We decided to focus on a recycling theme to go with our current school theme. Next week SC will vote on the ideas and then we can get our teeth into the final projects of the school year.


This week saw a very exciting new chapter in school council – Reception have joined us! So, we now have 2 representatives from all classes to help bring the ideas from across school to ensure that everyone’s voice is heard in school improvement.


This week our current School Council finished their term of office with a hop, skip and a jump on Healthy Day. The whole school enjoyed a very active day today joining in with lots of different physical games and food activities. Thank you to our wonderful School Council for organising the day and helping us all stay fit and healthy. Well done for all your super work over terms 3 and 4 and for being such excellent class representatives!


At our meeting this week we put the finishing touches to the planning for our Sun Safety Assembly which they have decided will take place next Monday. As we only have one more week of the school term our meeting next week will be the last one for our current school council representatives but they are planning to finish with a bang on our Healthy Day next Friday!


We received an email this week from Mrs Stephens in response to the Healthy Day we have planned. Mrs Stephens suggested that School Council might like to do some work about sun safety and perhaps present an assembly to the school on it. The School Council loved this idea and we have already started planning for it.


This week at our School Council meeting we put the finishing touches to our Healthy Day plans. The children have decided to hold the event on the last day of term – Friday 5th April which will help us finish the term with a ‘bang’! They composed and sent an email to all the teachers explaining what the day will look like and what we need them to do to help make the day a great success.


At our meeting this week we continued to discuss more ideas for our Healthy Day using new ideas from each of the classes. A few further decisions were made and here they are:

1. We will all wear sports kit for the whole day

2. We will have some kind of healthy food tasting

3. All classes will have time outside doing lots of healthy physical activities.

We will continue finalising the ideas next term and keep you posted.


At our meeting this week the children shared their ideas about what we could do on our planned Healthy Day but we soon ran out of ideas so we sent an email to all the classes to ask them for their ideas. We can’t wait to see what they come up with!


This week we held our first School Council meeting of the new term. We talked about how we run our meetings, the role of the secretary and the chairperson and then talked about gathering ideas from classes about what they might work on over the coming weeks to make our school even better.

Here are our new representatives for the spring terms.

Picture 1


At our meeting this week our School Council representatives reviewed their work to improve lunchtimes and reflected on its effectiveness. After lots of discussion they agreed that some things have improved but there is more work they can do. So, after much deliberation they decided they need to focus their attention on improving walking in school particularly at lunchtimes. Next week they will don their Corridor Cop caps and remind our lovely children to walk safely in school.


Exciting news! We have done our voting and we now have our new School Council Representatives for the autumn terms. They are…… Violet Class – Thomas and Grace, Indigo Class – Nicole and Noah R, Green Class – Ava and Nathan, Blue Class – Jesse and Lyla , congratulations to you all! We will be meeting next week for the first time so we’ll let you know how it goes.


School Council met this week and as well as taking on roles such as the secretary and chair they discussed in detail some aspects of school they think they can improve. After lots of debate the children decided that they would like to lead some problem-solving around making assembly time better for everyone. We will keep you posted about what they do in the coming weeks.


Our fantastic School Council representatives did a super job leading our assembly on Monday teaching the whole school how to play safely with scrap using our ‘scrap on scrap’ rule. We will be reintroducing this specific scrap back into our lunchtimes sometime after the break so we will see how well the children have listened then. Great work School Council!