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Achieve, Believe, Care and Dream

Term 1

We had such fun on our first day in school! We came in to find out that Mrs Norman's blackberry crumble that she baked the night before had been eaten!!! So very kindly yellow class said they would help me make a new one. First we went out and picked some more juicy blackberries that grow on bushes around the school field. Then we worked together as a team to make and bake a new one. After, yellow class tried some the delicious crumble and talked about whether they liked it or not- Yummy yum! We also did some exciting activities using the left over blackberries. We are still not sure who took the crumble in the first place but we are pretty sure that Pesky Squirrel had something to do with it!  The children came up with loads of different suggestions about how we could stop him doing it again. Some made badges and posters to warn the squirrel off, some made an alternative crumble in the mud kitchen so he wouldn't eat ours again, some used the construction materials to build traps to stop him and others decided to talk to him and teach him how to not take things without asking!

Great job my Yellow Yummies! What an awesome team we make