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Achieve, Believe, Care and Dream

Term 1

We had the best first day in Reception! We came in to find out that Miss Pates' special blackberry crumble, which she made for us, had been eaten!! So as a team Orange class decided we needed to make another one. First we got our wellies on and went out and picked some juicy blackberries that were around the school field. We then worked together to mix the crumble and we put it into the oven to cook. Once it was ready we went to the crumble cafe to eat it all up. It was yummy!! 

We didn't use all the blackberries we had picked for the crumble so we used them for other exciting activities! We are still not sure who took the crumble in the first place but we are pretty sure that Pesky Squirrel had something to do with it! Orange class came up with lots of different suggestions about how we could stop him doing it again. Lots of children used the construction materials to build a trap and others decided to talk to him and teach him how to not take things without asking!

We even made friendship dens outside with our friends from Yellow class :) 

Orange class you are WONDERFUL. What a brilliant team we make!