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Achieve, Believe, Care and Dream

Term 3

Turrets and Tales


We have had a frosty start to our 'Turrets and Tales' topic this term. This morning, we came in to find a very snowy classroom and this huge block of ice sitting on the side! There was a lot of speculation about how it got there and what may be inside. 

We talked about the quickest way to melt the ice and find out if anything was inside. To try and find the best method of melting the ice, we carried out an investigation in the Lab. 


The snow and ice reminded us of an old story by Hans Christian Andersen. Through interactive storytelling, we experienced the story of The Snow Queen and much giggling ensued! The children loved using props and dressing up to play the characters in the story. We all particularly enjoyed one of our boys playing the role of the old woman. 



We are looking forward to finding out more about Hans Christian Andersen and learning how to write adventure stories. Soon, we will be discovering more about winter and other frosty tales. We can't wait to see where our learning takes us next!