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Achieve, Believe, Care and Dream

Term 4

Welcome to our Term 4 Blue Class page. 


This term we are looking at castles. We have already started researching about them and have learnt lots of new vocabulary such as:

  •  Chambermaid
  •  Jester
  •  Squared turrets
  •  Marshal 
  •  Arrow slits
  •  Keep
  •  Lord and Lady 

We have found out all about the features of a castle and the different roles of people who used to live in the castle. Lots of Blue Class members found out some brilliant new learning:


Amelia: "Castles can have flags!"

Freddie "Did you know that castles have gatehouses and they lock their doors to keep the enemies out?"

Nicole "Servants worked in the castles and slept on the floor."

Laurie "Castles have murder holes and the guards throw boiling water at the enemies."

These were just some of the facts we found out on day 1! Wow!

This term we are also going to be having a focus on England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales and will be learning about the different famous things within the different countries. 



Forest School is now on Thursday afternoons.

Books are changed by an adult in Blue team on Monday, Wednesday and Friday - please sign your child's diary. 

Please feel free to pop and speak to one of the Blue Class team about any queries or questions you may have. 

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