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Term 4

Turrets and Tales

Turrets and Tales 1

Welcome to our Term 4 Green Class page. 


This term we are looking at castles. We have already started researching about them and have learnt lots of new vocabulary such as:

  •  Keep
  •  Battlements
  •  Portcullis
  •  Moat
  •  Arrow slits
  •  Tower
  •  Bailey
  •  Drawbridge

We have found out all about the features of a castle and the class drew some AMAZING castle pictures. We are starting to learn about the different roles of people who used to live in the castle.  We have also looked at 'The Royal Family' and their ' Royal Duties'. 


This term we are also looking at The United Kingdom and the different counties within it. 


We have been practising our 'Pied Piper Show' which the children are embracing whole-heartedly we can't wait to share this with you !! 



Forest School is now on Thursday mornings.

Books are changed by an adult on Monday, Wednesday and Friday - please remember to sign your child's diary each time you have heard them read. 


We welcome parents to pop in after school and speak to any of the Green Class team with any questions or queries you may have..